Romantic Mauve Look

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Hi everyone,

On this post I'd like to share you my romantic mauve look. It consists of romantic mauve-toned eye make up PLUS the perfect lip color to complete the whole look.

I'll start with the lips with some review for the products I used.
So I tried one of those soo many liquid lipstick all over the instagram page (seriously, we just can't get enough).
The one product I tried is Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick.

It has a very light & quite velvety texture which I like, and it took a while to dry & become fully matte. The final texture actually looks soo matte to the point it looks a bit dry. It made my lips looks like a wrinkled paper after a while, so I had to put on a dap of lip balm before applying this to keep my lips look healthy.

The first shade that I purchased is the "Birthday Suit".
This shade looks so great on the swatch photos I browsed before I purchased, but IDK why, when I purchased and tried on my lips, the color were actually nice at first but then it oxidized and became a bit too dark for me after a while.

And then I bought another lighter shade, which is "Petal" which turned out to be too pale and too pinkish for my skin tone. And this one doesn't oxidize so it doesn't get darker like the Birthday Suit one.
(weird. kinda expected this one gets darker so I might get the shade that I want)

So this is just the idea of me and my friends' make-up haul from Sleek:
(got this from @makeuptoolshop on Instagram)

Left to right:
Party pink - Brink pink - Birthday Suit - Petal
I actually didn't even try the other 2 shades belonged to my friends because I was just too busy playing around trying with my new 2 shades. lol

And as you have guessed..
Since one color is too dark and the other is too pale, I mixed the two shades together..andd voila! I have the perfect shades for meeee!
This is the result:

Got this pink-mauve shades as the final result!

Makes my lips look plumped

Love the color combination!

Considering the cheap price (Rp 125k each!), this lipstick is a very good deal. Just don't forget to always use lip balm before using this lipstick because it makes the lips dry and sometimes even a bit patchy.

And I like how the color turned to soft lilac-mauve-ish, which really matched my eye make up for the day (was on the midst of experimenting with romantic & luminous eye make up using purple eyeliner). DOPE.

Romantic & luminous eye make up

Purple eyeliner on fleek!

A little details of what's going on around my eyes:

On my EYES:
Eyeliner: Purple eyeliner from Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner #8 - Iridescent Electric Purple
Eyeshadow: Sleek Storm Palette (I used Perfect Storm & Dust Storm)
Eyebrow: Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow #25
Mascara: Maybelline Magnum Mascara

Overall I like this look because it's not too much yet still giving some statement, It's perfect for an easy saturday date or casual brunch with some friends, and also refreshing because the purple eyeliner just give the instant brightness to the eyes!
*Colorful eyeliners ftw!

I hope you enjoy this post,
Thanks for reading and see you on the next one :)


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