Korean Make Up Challenge!

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So me and my boyfriend were out for our carbs day last Friday (yes we do have a so-called carbs day), and we went out to eat some real rice and Korean Fried Chicken in Kyo Chon. As we were eating, the TV in the diner showed this compilation of Korean music video.

My boyfriend always teases me for looking like Korean girl so much and I can never really relate to that. So while munching the delicious fried chicken, he asked my why I could never relate to those Korean girls (yea right).
I gave him a very short answer that it's because I don't really do Korean make up!

Yoona SNSD! 100% all about the Korean look! Photo source:google.com

He (of course!) think it's ridiculous and thought it's not about the make up because I simply, by default, just look very Korean. Long story short, we had a cute trivial argument about this and in the end he challenged me to do a Korean make up and to see if that would make any difference. And I agreed (I can't remember why I agreed). haha

So, no more waiting, I went straight to my very first Korean make up challenge the very next day. and... Voila
My very first Korean make up attempt

I actually kinda like this look on me :3
Very sheer and luminous. I feel so refreshed!
So I did it! My boyfriend was actually quite shocked to see the transformation, and he didn't expect that I could look even more Korean than before (wait, what??). But yeah, now he can SLIGHTLY relate to me If I didn't really relate to his saying of looking very Korean. lol

To be honest, I don't really master what's the key difference between my usual make up and Korean make-up. But this is what I did.

Usually I would go with higher-coverage complexion and more mattifying finish. But for this look, I went all dewy! and lots of highlighter of course, because Korean make up tends to emphasize on the light and natural coverage, and healthy glowing skin.

And no sculpting or shading on the cheek *this kills me a little bit inside :((
Again, for natural & glowing look, sculpting is not very much used in Korean make up. We want adorable, glowy, and rosy cheek here. Of course a little of shading will do. but since this one is for challenge, buhbye for now, accentuated cheek bones :(

On my FACE:
Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Foundation
Make Up For Ever HD Concealer for under eye & highlight
Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter for my upper cheek, center of the nose, a bit on my cupid's bow, and slightly above my eyebrows' arches
Make Up For Ever HD Blush #330 for blush on


The brows! Straight eyebrows they say! The brows are actually challenging for me because I think I spent almost 20 minutes just working on trying to get straight eyebrows! Because I always go with arched eyebrows all this time I think my eyebrows are just already used to being shaped to arched. They went rebel on me during this straight-eyebrows attempt. Anyway I think it looks a lot more straight than usual but this is the straightest they could go (for now).

And for the eye make up itself, I always tend to go with applying quite heavy eyeshadows, or even smoky eyes look with thick mascara for thick lashes everyday. But for this Korean look, I was applying very light eyeshadows and was using falsies to have a very light & natural look on the eyes and adorable long & curly lashes.

On my EYES:
NYX eyeshadow cream base
Shimmery pink eyeshadow from Sleek Storm Eye Palette
Matte natural brown eyeshadow from Too Faced Glam To Go Eye Palette
Aldo Akira lashes in "Monroe"
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow No 25 for the eyebrows.

Light & natural eye make up with long lashes


The lips part is actually my favorite because even I like to have this style for my lips on my usual make up. And this one is actually very simple.

On my LIPS:
Make Up For Ever HD Concealer (I put concealer first to tone down the lips so it's easier to create soft ombre lips)
Sephora Nano Lip Liner  for outer part of the lips
MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red for inner part of the lips. I used it by dabbing it with my finger
Soft pink lip gloss (apply very little amount gently with finger). We don't want too much glossy effect here.

Soft ombre lips for Korean make up

Anddd. that's it! This whole Korean make up is actually very fun to create. And I actually love how it turned out, especially looking at my dewy skin and the eye look!

I actually wanna thank my boyfriend for making me do this Korean make up. Now I am exposed with even more lovable make up options.
Now gotta go and perhaps meditate, you know, to decide, you know, what kind of make up should I wear today. Errr.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my post :)
Please do comment or drop questions if any. Would be glad if I could help!

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  1. Horaaaayyy!!! Akhirnya ada blognya~ sering2 yaaa Steyy, bikin tutorial gini! ;D
    Well yea, you look gorgeous as always!! :*

    1. Aww Thankss Fetty! Sure sure semoga bisa terus sering2 posting yess hehe

  2. I want moreeee... More more

    1. helooo. thanks for readingg. just posted another post, please do check em out too :)



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