Hi everyone, my name is Stella Julian.

I am 27 years old beauty & fitness enthusiast living in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
I am actively living off my passion as a Beauty Blogger, Influencer, Make-Up Artist, and Beauty Speaker. I used to work full time in beauty industry where I had the front-seat view of all the beauty insights from professional & industrial point of view, and at which I started to really dig in & expand my passion in the beauty world.
For business inquiries, please contact me to: stellss.julian@gmail.com

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About Me

About [span]me[/span]
Hello, my name is Stella Julian.

I'm a 27 year-old Indonesian who used to work as a full-time passionate-professional in beauty industry. I created this blog to share all things mainly related to beauty, fitness, and other things about me that's almost unintelligible. Sharing is caring and hope you guys enjoy reading my posts! Do contact me for questions or inquiries: stellss.julian@gmail.com


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