Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

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Helloooo guysss, long time no post.
I've been busy busy bee with work *I even have skipped the gym for a week now :( 
Anyway .. Let's refresh..

This time I'd like to do a short review for my recently favorite face spray product: 
Avene Thermal Spring Water.
Current favorite: Avene Thermal Spring Water

I know this kind of product may appear redundant.
I mean. why the hell do we need face spray ? what's the ingredients? oh uhm.. basically WATER. 

wait. for real?

We buying water in a spray can??

Well.. yeah. The ingredient is really Pure Thermal Spring Water, though it does claim to be rich in trace elements, low mineral content, & bacteriologically pure. And it is indicated to be used in dry skin, sunburn, rash, razor burn, after shave, etc.

I know. I thought the same at first.
But here's how I came across and ended up using this product.

So my skin is actually quite healthy, it's a combination skin, a bit oily on the T-zone and a little TOO dry on the cheek area. I can't complain, really. but everyday if I put on make up (my usual complexion routine is primer - foundation - and finishing transparent powder) and work all day in the office or wherever with the full AC on, I can see my cheeks dries up quite bad and it kinda make my under-eyes area looks like it has fine lines!!! 

Fine lines? I JUST CAN'T.

I realized this is not because I do something wrong with my complexion but because my skin just can't keep up with my highly AC-dependent life, because I also wake up to dry cheeks almost every morning.


I think I was upset with my moisturizer but I've been trying some rich moisturizers and they all fixes the skin immediately but seems to cannot guarantee anything after my skin is exposed to AC-ed air after a couple of hours. And it's just nonsense to apply the moisturizers over and over again throughout the day. I mean, the make up is on already ! DUH

Then while exploring some blogs and vlogs randomly out there, I came across some reviews about water spray and I hesitated at first because all the reviews kind of say that they're mainly dedicated  for sensitive skin.

But one thing about me is..
I really like to OVERSENSITIVIZE myself sometimes. well just the hair and skin tho, not my behaviour :p
(sorry, I guess oversensitivize is not even a word)
I like to use rich moisturizers, I love using damaged-hair shampoo ever since I still had the healthiest hair ever (now is bleached 5 times so you have the idea)
Anyway, I like to treat my hair and my skin as sensitive and delicate sometimes. And this product has good review so I decided to give this one a try. 

I applied this right after I wash my face everytime, day, and night, wait until it dries and then continue with the rest of my skin care routine. 

I also always have this in my bag and spray it to my face everytime I feel my skin is drying. I spray it on top of my make up in the afternoon, not too much tho because this is not a setting spray and the make up can go off if the skin gets too wet.

I am actually really happy with the result.
I can already feel the difference only after few times of using (in the first few days I spray it like every 2 hours LOL).
My skin improved immediately. I don't have to use as much as moisturizers as before, it becomes very supple and also appears fresh and much healthier.  And supple (again). I feel happy touching my skin every morning when I wake up, and my face doesn't dry up to the point of looking like having a fine lines anymore (YAY!)
It is also easier now to apply my complexion make up with smoother skin, especially for higher coverage make up.

Now I only use it like three times a day: 
1. After washing my face in the morning
2. Once throughout a long day in the office
3. After washing my face at night and ready to sleep.

So I definitely will re-purchase. I love this thing. It's quite pricey though for just a thermal spring water in a spray can format. but it does the work, so it's OK with me.
It comes in different sizes, the bigger the size, the more economical value you get. But I just picked the one that is big enough but would still fit in my bag :p Got mine from Guardian, I think it's available in almost every drugstore ??

Avene Thermal Spring Water

To sum up!

+ Instantly refreshing the skin
+ Give refreshing psychological effect too!!
+ Prevents the skin from drying when being in a full Air-Conditioned environment 
+ Last quite a long time

- A bit expensive
- Smudge out the eye make up sometimes. Gotta switch to waterproof eye make up!

Thanks for reading my post and hopefully you find this helpful :)

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