Make Up For Ever Smoky Stretch Mascara Review

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Hello and welcome to my second post. My very first product review which is my favorite make up product ever: MASCARA!

I use this thing almost everyday, I think I could count the day where I leave home without wearing any mascara (not the falsies-for-everyday-use kind of girl because it's just a bit too complicated for me). So I probably have used more or less 100 mascara bottles to date (I know, it's a lot right??) And I LOVE it! I just really really really DON'T wanna live without it. Nope, I refuse a life without mascara. No way jose. Period.

Lashes <3

Hihi, sorry for dramatizing over it and I feel you, Panda!
Anyway, I have so many types of mascara in my make up bag. Might have another post talking about my mascaras and which one is my fave (that special, huh?), but recently I just tried this new mascara from Make Up For Ever which is called Smoky Stretch Mascara, available starting 1 Sept 2015 in all Make Up For Ever stores in Indonesia. The price is Rp 360,000. This is the newest mascara addition to Make Up For Ever and is actually a lengthening mascara. Loving the long and sleek packaging design!

Make Up For Ever Smoky Stretch Mascara

What I love about this mascara is actually the plastic applicator that really combs my lashes from the roots! It has a slim shape with short brushes that picks up just enough amount of products so my lashes come out clump-free!

The applicator design of this new this new Smoky Stretch Mascara from Make Up For Ever makes my lashes looks so long & separated!

See how my lashes looks soooo long and defined? And it's veryy easy to use!

However I found this mascara is not... dramatic enough for me. It doesn't have enough volumizing effect than my other mascaras. So this product would be perfect for those who prefers beautiful long & curly lashes that looks very natural. For me, well I just like my lashes to be dramatic. Or even over-dramatic. haha.

Oh and another cons to this mascara is that this is not waterproof.
Too bad indeed, but actually it's not a problem for me as long as I don't wear it to the gym. It's
actually doesn't come out smudgy despite not being waterproof. And I am definitely growing some fondness towards non-waterproof mascaras lately because they're easier to clean (some waterproof mascaras can be so painful to clean!)

However, same problem for every mascara is they're never oil-proof. I usually added some puffs of my compact powder to my under-eye area to fix this. It prevents the mascara to smudge everytime I blink. Just a small pat-pat and it does the magic. I've been doing this trick forever and it never fails me, unless when I didn't apply enough :p Everytime I forgot to do this I'd have to swipe my undereye area from the smudge over and over for the whole day. Gaaaahh!

So this is my before-after pics of wearing this Smoky Stretch mascara.

Before & after with smoky stretch mascara!

In my opinion mascara just cannot go wrong. Even when they're not so dramatic, they still do the work!

Quick summary:

Retail price: Rp 360,000
Available at: All Make Up For Ever stores in Indonesia

Really lengthens & separates the lashes
Nice applicator that really combs the lashes from the roots
Clump free and looks very natural

Not very volumizing
Non waterproof formula

Thanks for reading and hopefully this post is useful :)

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