It's Finally a First!

12:31 AM

Helloww, finally first post iz up!

I've been wanting to share more of the interesting thing in my life while actually living it, but thanks to my crazy working hours and my body's demanding need for beauty sleep, all the things I shared, I shared only through my Instagram .

Anyway I'm creating this new blog because I think my old one is just too gloomy, pardon my bittersweet adolescence, LOL! Let's talk more about the real deal here baby. Click here if you wanna take a peek, there's not much there so don't stay too long and let's move on with me :D

So what's the deal? What's this blog is all about ?
Of course, things I'm obsessed with:

1. Make up! (and more Make up!)

2. All things related to beauty. Coz no beauty should ever go to waste!

3. My heavy obsession to those weight-lifting routines & fitness-related habit & lifestyle.

anddd. I don't know. BREAD?? Bitches love bread.
and cakes.
and ice cream.
with pizza.
maybe some aglio olio afterwards.
and french fries
and bread again.

Lol OMG, ignore me! Apparently I'm just hungry because it's late in the night already
So yeah, I guess I'll just stroll around, share what I feel like sharing. Might talk about ghosts as well!

Until the next post!
PS. Just kidding about the ghost :p

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About [span]me[/span]
Hello, my name is Stella Julian.

I'm a 27 year-old Indonesian who used to work as a full-time passionate-professional in beauty industry. I created this blog to share all things mainly related to beauty, fitness, and other things about me that's almost unintelligible. Sharing is caring and hope you guys enjoy reading my posts! Do contact me for questions or inquiries:


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