Make Up: Gold Nuance

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One of the reason I love make up is how I get to play with colors!
On my last post, I was having way too much fun with the mauve tone, and now I'm feeling like GOLD baebeh...

This is my gold-nuanced make up (not all goldie of course), though it might be so funny to have a gold apple cheek coz my cheek is HUGE (thus, huge gold on my face... No? *sorry lame jokes)

So without further ado, here's my gold make up result..

Gold make up result

le details


You know the drill..
1. Moisturizer..
2. Primer: Make Up For Ever HD Elixir + Step 1 Radiant Primer Mauve.
3. Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #117 (mixed again with HD Elixir for zuppeerr smooth blendinggg!)
4. Make Up For Ever Duo Mat (apply very light amount with powder blush instead of the sponge to prevent over-powdering result)
5. Blush: Make Up For Ever HD Blush #330
6. BRONZE (this is the life of the party for me): Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze 20M. Unfortunately this is not available in Indonesia. But any light-browned bronzed will do the work. Apply as shading on the lower cheek bones, and sides of the nose

Gold make up - eye details


Brows: Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow #25
Inner corner: Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow ME-406 - Golden
Outer corner: Matte brown eyeshadow, Too Faced Glamour To Go Palette
Lashes: Titatu Lashes (IG: @titatu_lashes )
Mascara: Sephora Collection Le waterproof mascara
Lens: @eyelovin GEO CESSY BERRY BROWN. Honey-colored lense will definitely complete the color mood!

Anyway, can you spot my eyelid tape ? I'm using MissBowBow premium eyelid tape in green, it's so invisible and definitely made the eyes looks bigger naturally! (IG: @missbowbow_indonesia )

Natural lips with gold touch


Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick 1995 the legendary Kylie Jenner shades <3
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow ME-406 Golden for the gold highlight, apply on the center of the upper & lower lips. You can always apply more gold for more even more dramatic look! I definitely will next time :p

Oh, here's some picts of the product used highlights..

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick - 1995
Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze #20M

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow #ME-406 (Golden) & Artisan Brush #220

So that's for the gold make up, it's quite a casual yet elegant look, suitable for your date night, going out to a bar or club, or even formal party/events (I went on a casual dinner with this look, because I'm gold like that. LOL)

Again, hope you enjoy my post and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions :)


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