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I've always had a thing for black outfit PLUS now my current job "encourages" me to stock up more and more black outfit.
There's casual black, formal black, edgy black, and classy black. Would drive me crazy if I had to have couple of clothing sets for each of the needs.

 This kind of force me to be a smarter black outfit shopper (what a too-specific skill. lol) Long story short, I came across to these versatile black pieces

Top: 8wood
Cullotes: Eclair collection. Check out their instagram page!
Shoes: Steve Madden

The top is so simple, not over the top, and just fits in any style. I can go casual chic with these pants, or I could pair it up with a bodycon skirt for a more formal occasion!

Love this details of tutu top from 8wood

Going on, I could also pair em with shorts for a very casual look
I could say 80% of my closet is full with more of versatile pieces and I always mix & match everything everytime. 

Put on this cute cat beanie from H&M and got playful look just instantly *pardon my cheeks

And the pants, who ain't got cullotes these days ?
They're so comfortable, edgy, casual, chic, and everything. I'm just sooo in love with cullotes and I'm so happy they're everywhere! There might be lots of em but doesn't mean we could't create any statement look out of cullotes. 

Pair with much edgier top, change the necklaces, use some accessories,put on loafers instead of flat shoes, use platform heels,anything. 

It's so nice being a girl, we gotta tons of things to play with, don't you agree? ;)

Nice to share and hope you enjoy reading my post

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