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CONTOURING is probably my main beauty weapon yang for me, kudu wajib harus mesti dijalankan ritualnya setiap mau keluar rumah! Apalagi for a girl with a chubby cheek like me, I have been playing with contour since I was in the college. 

So recently I've had the chance to play with another contouring product from the brand AUSTRALIS COSMETICS, namanya AC ON TOUR Contouring & Highlighting Palette. Aku dikirimin product ini dari online shop @hellocosmetico (yay, thanks hellocosmetico!)

 Jujur di Indonesia aku jarang denger ada yang omongin, tapi kalau di dunia internet all over the world, aku lumayan sering lihat product ini diomongin dan di rave sebagai dupe'nya Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Australis Cosmetics sendiri merupakan cosmetic brand asal Australia yang sudah berdiri sekitar 30 tahun yang lalu, yang memang focus mengembangkan product-product cosmetics dengan harga yang sangat affordable. And this company also cares about animals! All of their products are 100% cruelty free, dan tidak menggunakan animal testing. Nice!


Packaging product ini pretty standard, it comes in a sleek black & pink packaging.

Yang menarik dari packagingnya adalah di bagian belakangnya dilengkapi dengan step by step instruksi cara pemakaian contour & highlight palette ini. Inside the packaging juga ada big mirror segede tutupnya! Wow, I didn't expect a mirror! 

Australis Cosmetics AC on Tour - Light Complexion | stellajulian.com


So, sesuai keterangan di packagingnya, palette ini consist of 6 shades; 3 highlighting shades & 3 contouring shades. My palette is the one for LIGHT complexion, I believe there's also available palette options for MEDIUM and DARK complexion. 

Sekilas ngelihat kombinasi warnanya, I'm pretty happy! This palette looks pro, karena di bagian contouringnya it provides ranges of shades from the coolest one to the warmer tones, so it's perfect for contouring & bronzing. While in the highlighting colours, pilihan warnanya juga cukup satisfying, mulai dari pinkish shade, banana, to slightly satiny highlight. It's like everything you need in one palette.

I don't own an Anastasia Contour Kit, so I can't really compare the texture and everything, tapi kalau sekilas browse online (gak sekilas juga sih, emang udah sering liat palette nya Anastasia dimana-mana), pilihan warnanya emang mirip banget!

My eyes are on no. 2 & 5!
Anastasia Contour palette (Light - Medium):

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (Light to Medium). Pic source: google


Australis Cosmetics AC on Tour Contouring & Highlighting Palette - Light complexion swatch | stellajulian.com

For contouring, favorite aku adalah shade no. 5, dari pertama liat warnanya di pan udah suka banget dan udah tau this is the perfect contour shade karena it's cool toned, dan as you know ketika contour it's always better to use cool-toned products untuk menghasilkan shadows yang lebih natural (because shadows are greyish & cool toned!)

Aku juga suka banget dgn shade #4 for bronzing, karena lebih warm dan warnanya juga masih sangat natural. I tried this product a couple of times already dan aku selalu combine contour shade #5 dengan bronzer'nya menggunakan shade #4. Love the result! 
I also think #6 is a gorgeous bronzing color tapi sayangnya it's a bit too orange for me. But I bet this shade will be just perfect untuk people with a bit of darker skin tone. (I'm so pale!)

While for the highlighting part, I'm in love with the banana shade (no. 2)!! It's really brightening, perfect for undereye area dan bener2 bikin area mata aku dan sekitarnya appears more awake! Shade No. 1 which has a SLIGHT of pinkish tone to it, doesn't really do anything for me, maybe because shade ini bener2 mirip sama skin tone aku, jadi nyaru banget. 

Dan kalau utk shade #3 ini agak unik, karena this one has a tiny tiny bit of satiny effect to it, ngga sampe shimmery, more like satin finish, so I really like to use this one as a highlighter di area2 cheekbones, cupids bow & di batang hidung aku. It doesn't have a champagne pop or lou-manizer kinda effect, but more to subtle result. Aku suka banget karena hasilnya seperti ngga pake highlighter, tapi seperti kulitnya udah glowy dengan sendirinya. Looks like we have a very healthy glowing skin. YASSS!


Untuk sebuah product contour & highlight, this product is sooooo pigmented which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Enaknya, cuma butuh sedikiiiiiitttt aja product untuk achieve defined contour & highlight, tapi ngga enaknya kalau belum terbiasa, hasilnya bisa agak blocking dan muddy.  Need to be very light-handed when playing with this product! And don't dip the brush too much onto the product, dan selalu tap the brush off sebelum apply to the face. 

1 swipe! So pigmented!

And here's my before - after contouring & highlighting. I used the contour shade #5, brozing shade #4, brightening banana shade #2, and subtle highlight #3.
Also some blush of course

Australis Cosmetics AC on Tour (Light) Before & After pict | stellajulian.com


- Terdiri dari 3 contour shade & 3 highlighting shade
- It's such a value for money! Rp 240K ONLY!! 
- Super pigmented
- Need a very light hand to apply this product gorgeously.
- Combination warna lengkap to achieve the whole contoured & highlighted look
- BIG mirror included inside!
- Step-by-step instruction is also included in the back of the packaging
- Sleek & standard packaging. Doesn't look expensive but not ugly.

You can get this product at hellocosmetico (click below link):

LINE: @hellocosmetico
Email : sales@hellocosmetico.com

Thank you hellocosmetico for sending me this product, and thank you guysss for reading. Hopefully this post is helpful, see you in my next post!! :)

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  1. very awesome wrn wrna dari anastasia contour pallete ini. Emang oke ya ce


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