[TUTORIAL] Bronze-Copper Make-Up for Droopy Eyes & Chubby Cheeks

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For me personally, this is quite a looongg journey to finally be able to do this. 
I always enjoyed putting on make-up, describing the products I used, posting em on instagram, just sharing what I like to do, and just having fun. But when someone asked how did I apply this or that, how did you make your eyebrows, etc, I didn't really know how to explain coz it's just too complicated to be described by words :s

Soooo after receiving so much support from my closest people and some amazing friends, and hence the effort of defeating my self doubts, I started preparing all the technical requirements which was also not easy for me. Long story short after pushing myself a lot and a few people around me (lol), I'm finally here, uber excited to finally doing this, but am nervous AF at the same time.

So in this first video I showed you the full make-up transformation for special occasion or just your casual-glam day/night out. This might help you guys who has droopy eyes & chubby cheeks like me (and small nose too!). 

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